All prices mentioned below are in AUD

Basic websites

custom websites

E - commerce Setup
+ $999

20 free polished products uploads

Store setup and configuration Payment Gateway setup

Shipping setup

Store email setup

Store notifications

Premium LOGOS

Our Add-Ons


Site Tags, keyword tags, optimization for all pages

$600 –  4-page Website

$950 – 8 Page website

$2500  20 Page Website

SSL + Security Setup

$80 for basic websites

(Service already included in all premium packages)

Website Backups

-Monthly backups $120 / 12 months

-Weekly Backups $12/week

– E commerce backups (will depend upon the site)

Client Education

(every package PDF or Video will demonstrate changes on the client’s own website to give a more relevant and personalized experience)


Package 1: $150

PDF of how to operate the site (how to edit content, change pictures and colors, update gallery, change team members pictures and descriptions, add pages, post blogs and how to add and delete sections)


Package 2: $350 

Video tutorials (of everything in package 1)


Package 3: $600

Video tutorials + duplicate website setup on subdomain (where client can go and practice without making changes to real site)


Package 4: $800

PDF  + Video tutorials + duplicate site setup + 2 one on one 1-hour long training sessions with the client


Basic Site


Custom Sites


Includes Cpanel acess

Google my business

$80 for basic websites

(Service already included in all premium packages)

Complete Re-branding


Includes stationary design + Website + content writing for website + SEO + Taglines

Website Maintenance


2 Month Validity

3 Hours total support

5 revisions



6 Month Validity

8 Hours total support

15 revisions



1 Year Validity

20 Hours Total Support

30 revisions


Revisions include (text and pictures updates, colour changes, font changes, assets replacement).

Revisions do NOT include creation of extra pages – that will be charged separately $150/page

Content Writing


$399 – 4-Page Website

$599 – 8-Page Website

$1199 – 20 Page Website


$99/week or per article

– Shutter stock image included for each blog

Not sure which plan works best?

Just drop us a message with your details and we will get in contact with you ASAP!